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1) Workshop and School on Logarithmic Conformal Field Theory,

 September 4-18, 2001, Institute  for studies in Theoretical physics and Mathematics (IPM), Tehran, IRAN.


2) Spring School on Theoretical Physics (June 1-2, 2001), Institute for Theoretical  Physics and Mathematics (IPM), Tehran, Iran

 Delivered the talk titled : “ Statistical theory for the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation in 1+1 dimension “.


3) Workshop on Complex Systems (May 20, 2000, Sharif University of Technology,  Tehran, Iran.

Delivered the talk titled: “ Three-dimensional Burgers turbulence “.


4) Regional summer school on scaling and disordered systems (July 3-16, 1999),

Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, Zanjan, Iran.


 5) Short term visit in ICTP (2004):

 Activities attended:

1-Workshop on Quantum Systems out of Equilibrium

2-Workshop on Random Matrix Theory: Condensed Matter, Statistical Physics and combinatorics

3-Workshop on Novel States and Phase Transitions in Highly Correlated Matter


 6) Short term visit in ICTP ( 2006):

Activities attended:

 1-Conference and School on Modelling Elastic Manifolds:  from Soft Condensed Matter to  Biomolecules

 2-School and Conference on Complex Systems and Nonextensive Statistical  Mechanics

3-Miniworkshop on New States of Stable and Unstable Quantum Matter


7) Short term visit in ICTP (2008):

 Activities attended:

1-Miniworkshop on Strong Correlations in Materials and Atom Traps

2-ICTP Conference Graphene Week 2008

 8) Short term visit in ICTP  (2010):

 Activities attended:

 1-Workshop on Emergence of New States of Matter in Magnetic Systems and Beyond

2-Workshop on Principles and Design of Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems


9) Short term visit in ICTP (2011):

   Activities attended:

   1– Workshop on Frontiers on Ultra-cold Fermi Gases

   2– Workshop and School on Topological Aspects of Condensed Matter Physics


10) 4th International Interdisciplinary Chaos Symposium on Chaos and Complex Systems

     Antalya, Turkey 2012.

     Delivered Talk: Stochastic Synchronization in Small-World Networks



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